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‘Til Kingdom Come’ at DOC NYCDOC NYC

In this provocative look at strange political bedfellows, Israeli filmmaker Maya Zinshtein (Forever Pure, DOC NYC 2016) investigates the political alliance between American evangelicals and Israel’s right wing, and their influence on the Trump administration’s foreign policy. (Nov. 11- 19)

AFI Fest: John Battsek Produced ‘Belushi’ Movie Review (2020)Dewey’s Movies

The perception of comedic legend John Belushi over the years has been how much of a loose cannon he was and that he loved partying. If this sounds like a gross generalization of the man, that’s because it is. R.J. Cutler successfully smashes those perceptions to bits and presents an intimate and profoundly personal look…

KitchenAid Documentary “A Woman’s Place” Empowers Women in the Culinary Industry, Now Streaming on HuluWhirlpool

Despite their incredible contributions, women have struggled to make it in professional kitchens — held back by inequalities unfairly put upon them. As a brand built by women and that stands for creating possibility in the kitchen, KitchenAid is challenging inequality, helping to advance women in culinary arts and support the industry at large.

Brands like KitchenAid, Verizon, P&G, and J&J are producing more long-form documentariesBusiness Insider

Last month, KitchenAid released its first documentary, “A Woman’s Place,” a 30-minute film that follows three female chefs who overcome bias in the male-dominated culinary industry.

‘Belushi’ Trailer: The John Battsek Produced Documentary Is Ready For Showtime Prime TimeDeadline

Showtime has taken the wraps off the the trailer for Belushi, R.J. Cutler’s long-in-the-works feature documentary about the comic actor and Saturday Night Live icon John Belushi. It comes before SNL launches its 46th season October 3 and ahead of the doc’s November 22 premiere date.

John Belushi Doc ‘Belushi’ to Open Chicago International Film FestivalThe Hollywood Reporter

The fest will take place Oct. 14-25. Belushi — the documentary about late comedian John Belushi — will open 56th iteration of the Chicago International Film Festival. The fest, which will take place Oct. 14-25, will be largely virtual, with digitally ticketed screenings and filmmaker Q&As. For the first time, many of the program’s titles will be…

Final Account review – German war testimonies chill the bloodThe Guardian

Soldiers, accountants, children … Luke Holland persuaded elderly Germans to account for what they did under Nazi rule, and the air of shrugging unrepentance is damning

In “Final Account,” late filmmaker Luke Holland confronts the last living generation of Germans in Hitler’s Third ReichThe Daily Beast

VENICE—It is the vivid description over and over by different voices—sometimes with a wry laugh—of the smell of the burning flesh of thousands of Jewish people killed in Adolf Hitler’s ovens that makes British filmmaker Luke Holland’s Final Account both painful to watch and hard to turn away from. The most poignant aspect of the film…