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Documentary (2023)
With never-before-seen footage, this docuseries follows David Beckham's meteoric rise from humble beginnings to global football stardom.
David Beckham is the kind of world-famous athlete whom everyone thinks they already know. In the ’90s, he joined Manchester United from humble working-class beginnings in East London, arriving on the pitch with a drive and determination to win. The public didn’t quite know what to make of him: He was both a pretty boy dating Spice Girl Victoria Adams, and a brilliant footballer with deadly free-kick accuracy. But in the 11 years he played with United, Beckham helped lead them to become the best football team on the planet, though not without serious setbacks.



  • Director

  • Fisher Stevens
  • Executive Producer

  • David Beckham
  • David Gardner
  • Gary Neville
  • Producer

  • John Battsek
  • Nicola Howson
  • Billie Shepherd
  • Fisher Stevens
  • Writer

  • Alexander Hodgson
  • Director of Photography

  • Tim Cragg
  • Editor

  • Michael Harte
  • Bjorn Johnson
  • Chris King