Sephora “The Beauty of Blackness”

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Sephora “The Beauty of Blackness”

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Sephora “The Beauty of Blackness”

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In 1973, Eunice Johnson, the founder of Ebony and Jet, noticed a problem: Black women had to mix their own foundation in order to find a color that matched their skin. To tackle the problem, Johnson launched Fashion Fair, the first national cosmetics company that focused entirely on Black women. The brand triggered a renaissance in style among Black women and the global cosmetics industry took notice. Now, Fashion Fair is staging its comeback as a Black-owned business in a new era defined by massive cultural shifts and increased competition. This film follows current Fashion Fair CEO Desiree Rogers and President Cheryl Mayberry McKissack as they chart a path as Black women entrepreneurs at the helm of a revived, iconic brand.


  • Director

  • Tiffany Johnson
  • Kiana Moore
  • Ventureland Executive Producer

  • Natasha Wellesley
  • Ventureland Producer

  • Marissa Mackel
  • Director of Photography

  • Ruben Contreras
  • In Partnership With

  • Sephora
  • Vox Creative
  • Digitas