Meta “They Came From All Over”

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Meta “They Came From All Over”

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Meta “They Came From All Over”

Branded Content (2023)
They Came from All Over highlights the important role small businesses play within their local communities. A love letter to small businesses everywhere, the film follows grocery store owner, Tom Mulholland, as he confronts the possibility of losing his family business and the impact it can have on his small Iowa town.

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  • Director

  • Rayka Zehtabchi
  • Ventureland Executive Producer

  • Natasha Wellesley
  • Ventureland Producer

  • Marissa Mackel
  • Ventureland Executive Creative Director

  • Mike Rosen
  • Executive Producer

  • Cerissa Taylor
  • Lyle Shemer
  • Ciara McCoy
  • Producer

  • Geoff Walker
  • Director of Photography

  • Sam Davis
  • In Partnership With

  • The Meta Boost Leaders Network