Expedia “Where To”

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Expedia “Where To”

Branded Content (2024)
A series about going beyond the search results
"Where To” is a four-part series by Expedia and Chef’s Table director Brian McGinn about going beyond the search results. In collaboration with Destination Canada, the series highlights some of Canada’s most unique culinary, outdoors, wellness, and skiing destinations and the stories behind them.



  • Director

  • Brian McGinn
  • Ventureland Executive Producer

  • Ali Brown
  • Ventureland Producer

  • Marissa Mackel
  • Ventureland Executive Creative Director

  • Mike Rosen
  • Executive Producer

  • Suzanne Hargrove
  • Natasha Wellesley
  • Jenna Allchin
  • Jamie McBriety
  • Thatcher Peterson
  • Producer

  • Jeff Tanner
  • Director of Photography

  • Matthew Chavez
  • In Partnership With

  • Expedia x Destination Canada