Sephora “The Foundation of Belleza”

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Sephora “The Foundation of Belleza”

Branded Content (2023)
Adrienne Bailon-Houghton goes on a journey to glean the wisdom passed down through Latine generations and discover the meaning of belleza.
Sephora, Digitas and NBCUniversal are proud to introduce “The Foundation of Belleza,” a first-of-its-kind, limited content series that celebrates the rich tapestry of intergenerational storytelling within the Latine community. The four-part docuseries – directed by award-winning writer, director, and Dominican Republic native Gabriela Ortega and produced in collaboration with NBCUniversal’s Creative Partnerships and creative studio Ventureland – is set to illuminate the journeys of influential beauty brand owners, shedding light on how their roots have inspired and shaped their ability to create innovative beauty brands that authentically represent and celebrate their communities.


  • Director

  • Gabriela Ortega
  • Ventureland Executive Producer

  • Natasha Wellesley
  • Ventureland Producer

  • Marissa Mackel
  • Ventureland Executive Creative Director

  • Mike Rosen
  • Executive Producer

  • Abigail Jacobs
  • Anne Cambria
  • Lakshmi Sivaguru
  • Ben Wagner
  • Mark Book
  • Producer

  • Jésulie A. Sanchez
  • Fiorella Agostino
  • Director of Photography

  • Lorena Durán
  • In Partnership With

  • Sephora & NBCU